Monday, December 2, 2013

Reflective Post

By Education Innovation from Latism

As I look back on my experience while taking this Introduction To Technology For Educators class, I find it amazing how much I truely have learned. The amount of information on the use of technology I have gained is breath taking to me. At first I was apprehensive, I had no experience with computers and none the less using "blogs" or making my own websites, but now I have the ability to do that and even more. I now can communicate and share my work through technology without hesitating and it is the best feeling ever. Now that this class is coming to an end, I can enhance my teaching and learning in the classroom. The "Transforming learning with new technologies" textbook was a real eye-opener, while writing out all my journal blogs on each chapter I would find at least five different tools or facts that were useful to me. Believe it or not, I even got to relate to most of the information that was being presented in the textbook, it made me even more interested. When it came to the Class Discussions, I got deep into finding information that was perfect for my topic. I 

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especially enjoyed the "Assistive/Adaptive Technology for Students" discussion, due to the fact that I work with ESE Students I related with it personally, it is fascinating to me how technology can take a student with any disabilty to new heights. Our Class Assignments were all very different in the way that I had to learn how to do something new everytime. From the Website Evaluation Rubric, Collaborative Lesson Plan, Webquest, Powerpoint Presentation, Instructional Wiki, and Teacher Webpage ePortfolio, I have aquired all kinds of technology based tools that I am absolutely using from now on. My favorite assignment had to be the Teacher Webpage ePortfolio, I loved using Weebly! I find that this website is so useful in many ways, you could use it for a personal use but also for a professional use. It was also super easy for me to use, I got the hang of it real quick and I'm sure if I can do it, so could others. I can honestly say everything taught during this class was on point, there was a varitety of different skills and tools that were perfectly fitting to what I wanted to get out of taking the class. I would not change a thing about the course, other than wishing I could have caught on a little faster. When it comes down to it, like I have said many times,
the world has come to revolve around technology, we all have to learn to adapt to them. Being a part of a group to complete an assignment has also helped me in a great way in this class, while working on the "Instructional Wiki" assignment I had some issues rise up when trying to finish my page, but with the help of my group members I became more and more knowledgeable. Peer Evaluation during this class has also been a push to do better in each and every assignments. While posting my "Discussion" assignments, I would recieve awesome feedback from my classmates and I would apply the advice to my next posts. Learning how to involve technical uses into teaching students has become a great and new way of bring my students and I closer. I greatly appreciate and will surely interwine all that I have learned and gained from this class into my future teaching.

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  1. Always good to reflect and really think about the impact of learning - not always done in the classroom and probably should be done more often. I like that you made so many deep connections to technology regarding ESE students - good that you can 'see' its possibilities every day in your job! :) I did miss the links/references for the photos and thus not sure of their copyright/CC status. Thanks for sharing!